Madeleine Schachter's art traverses a journey to lightness, comprised of subtle palettes imbued with glints of gilded tones.  Each piece implies movement, infused with buoyancy and sensation that defies pragmatism and precision, and uses tilt and tinge to evoke a sense of hope.  Suggestive abstraction endows the viewer with prospect and possibility, entrusting that implication will arouse contemplation to enable unique flights into self-reflection and sentiment.  She works in mixed media, including pastels, watercolors, acrylics, metal leaf, and glass crystals, and she employs unusual materials, such as mascara.

Ms. Schachter has been trained by ASTEP (Artists Striving to End Poverty), a partner of the International Rescue Committee, and by Udemy, in techniques to use art to empower and to release emotions relating to trauma.  She collaborates with ASTEP, New York Cares, and Art of Hope to use art to empower and engage people in transitional housing, survivors of domestic violence, refugees, and children with autism spectrum disorders.  She has worked with Syrian refugee children in Mount Lebanon, Lebanon, and she has trained Syrian and Lebanese teachers in Beqaa, Lebanon to use such techniques.  She does similar work with inmates at Rikers Correctional Facility.