Upcoming Exhibitions

Curator and Director of MAMAG Modern Art Museum Heinz Playner presents artworks of Madeleine Schachter

Curator and Director of MAMAG Modern Art Museum Heinz Playner presents artworks of Madeleine Schachter

MAMAG Modern Art Museum — Blindenmarkt, Austria
Dates: September 20, 2019 through January 30, 2020
Location: Castle Hubertendorf, 3372 Blindenmarkt
For More Information: http://www.paks-gallery.com/exhibitions-eng.htm

Anima Mundi — Visions: Venice, Italy
Dates: October 4, 2019 through November 24, 2019
Location: Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, Cannaregio 4132, 30121 Venice
For More Information: https://www.itsliquid.com/call-anima-mundi-venice-may-nov-2019.html

Art San Diego — California, United States
Dates: October 10, 2019 through October 13, 2019
Location: San Diego Convention Center, Booth 313, 111 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, California
VIP Preview, Sponsored by UBS — October 10, 2019 from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Reception — October 11, 2019 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
For More Information: https://wwab.us/exhibit/

Art Basel Week, Spectrum Miami — Florida, United States
Dates: December 4, 2019 through December 8, 2019
Location: Booth # 801, Mana Wynwood Exhibition Center, 2217 NW 5th Avenue, Miami, Florida
Receptions: VIP and Press Preview: December 4, 2019 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Opening Reception: December 4, 2019 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Christie’s — New York City, United States
Dates: February 7, 2020 through February 11, 2020
Location: Christie’s, 20 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City
Reception: February 7, 2020, registration required, with certain proceeds to be donated to The Luminos Fund [details to come]

Colorida Art Gallery — Lisbon, Portugal
Dates: February 8, 2020 through February 21, 2020
Location: Rua Vitor Bastos 12A, 1070-282, Lisbon, Portugal
For More Information: https://www.colorida.biz/news.html

Garment District NYC — New York City, United States
Dates: April 17, 2020 through May 24, 2020
Location: 215 West 38 Street, New York City
For More Information: GarmentDistrictNYC.com

The Gallery Steiner — Hong Kong
Dates: May 16, 2020 through May 19, 2020
Location: Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai
For More Information: https://www.gallery-steiner.com

International Contemporary Art Biennial Basel — Basel, Switzerland
Dates: June 19, 2020 through June 21, 2020
Location: Grand Hotel Euler, Centralbahnplatz 14, 4002 Basel
For More Information: http://www.paks-gallery.com/exhibitions-eng.htm

The Gallery Steiner — Stockholm, Sweden
Dates: October 10, 2020 through October 13, 2020
Location: Congress Hall, Nacka Strandsmässan (Nacka Strand)
For More Information: https://www.gallery-steiner.com

previous Exhibitions

International Fine Art Cannes Biennale: Cannes, France
Dates:  May 17, 2019 through May 19, 2019
Location:  Cannes Palace, Cannes, France
For More Information: http://www.fineartcannesbiennale.com

Solo Exhibition — ChaShaMa: New York City, United States
Location: 1155 Avenue of the Americas, New York City (lobby exhibition)
Dates: January 30, 2019 through May 1, 2019
Reception: March 21, 2019 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Art Expo: New York, United States
Location: Pier 90, New York City (Booth 178 and Booth 290)
Dates: April 4, 2019 through April 7, 2019
For More Information: http://artexponewyork.com

Galleria de Marchi: Bologna, Italy
Location: Via De Marchi, 19b, Bologna
Dates: March 30, 2019 through April 11, 2019
Opening Reception: March 30, 2019 at 5:30 pm

The Luminos Fund — Private Exhibition of Artwork By Syrian Refugee Children: New York City, United States
This international NGO will be exhibiting artwork by Syrian refugee children in
Lebanon for whom the artist has led programming on the use of art to empower.
Hear from volunteer docents from Christie’s about the children’s artwork.
Location: Norwood, 241 West 14 Street, New York City, New York
Date: January 31, 2019 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm (registration required; to request an invitation, please contact the artist)
For More Information: http://luminosfund.org

Miami Basel Art Fairs — Art Spectrum Art Fair: Miami, United States
Location:  2217 NW 5th Avenue at NW 22nd Street, Miami, Florida
Dates:  December 5, 2018 through December 9, 2018; Opening Night Preview Party: December 5 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
For More Information: https://artproductionsny.com/madeleine-schachter

Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery: New York, United States

Location:  531 West 25 Street, New York, New York
Dates:  November 7, 2018 through December 6, 2018; Champagne Reception: November 10, 2018 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
For More Information: http://www.amsterdamwhitneygallery.com/madeleine-schachter

The Gallery Steiner — Shanghai Art Fair: Shanghai, China

Location:  Shanghai World Expo Centre, Shanghai
Dates: November 7, 2018 through November 11, 2018
For More Information:  http://www.gallery-steiner.com

Mecenavie:  Paris, France

Dates:  October 19, 2018 through October 21, 2018
Location:  Le Carrousel du Louvre, Lenotre Hall, Paris
For More Information:  http://www.artshopping-expo.com/info_artiste/10202/schachter.html
Clandestino — Private Art Auction: New York City, United States
Location:  Lotus Blue, 15 Union Square West, New York City
Date:  September 29, 2018 from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm (by invitation only)
Preview: September 23, 2018 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm (by invitation only)

The Gallery Steiner:  Vienna, Austria
Location:  Kurrentgasse 4, 1010 Vienna
Dates:  August 13, 2018 through September 8, 2018
For More Information:  http://www.gallery-steiner.com

Ascensus:  New York City, United States
Volume Seven Launch Party and Exhibition
Location:  Weill Greenberg Center, 1305 York Avenue, New York, New York
Date:  September 11, 2018 from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery — Poetic Perspectives: New York City, United States
Location:  547 West 27 Street, 2nd Floor, Chelsea, New York City
Dates:  August 23, 2018 through August 30, 2018; Opening Reception:  August 23, 2018 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
For More Information:  www.ArtProductionsNYC.com

The Gallery Steiner — Art Marbella: Marbella, Spain
Location:  Congress Hall, Marbella, Andalusia
Dates:  July 15, 2018 through July 25, 2018
For More Information:  http://www.gallery-steiner.com

The Gallery Steiner: Vienna, Austria
Location:  Kurrentgasse 4, 1010 Vienna
Dates:  July 16, 2018 through August 9, 2018
Vienna Premier:  July 28, 2018 from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm
For More Information:  http://www.gallery-steiner.com

Art Productions — "Creative Innovations -- A Summer Salon” New York City, United States
Location:  Whitebox, 198 Allen Street, Soho, New York City
Dates:  July 25, 2018 through August 5, 2018
Opening Reception:  July 26, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Clandestino — Private Art Auction: New York City, United States
Location:  Lotus Blue, 15 Union Square West, New York City
Date:  July 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm (by invitation only)
Previews:  Clandestino, 7 East 14 Street, New York City (by appointment only)
Market Art and Design — The Bridgehampton Museum: Bridgehampton, New York, United States
Location:  2368 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton, New York
Dates:  July 5, 2018 through July 8, 2018

Compass Spring Fling Annual Fundraiser: New York City, United States
by Philanthropy and Women of Compass
     Reception on May 17, 2018 to benefit WIN (Women in Need), a homeless shelter
     for families, and ChaShaMa, a non-profit organization that supports artists
Location:  7 East 14 Street, New York, New York
Dates:  May 17, 2018  through July 17, 2018

Shine — Art House: New York City, United States
Location:  79 White Street, New York, New York
Date:  June 22, 2018 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Museum of Russian Art: New Jersey, United States

Location:  80 Grand Street, Jersey City, New Jersey
Dates:  May 6, 2018 through May 20, 2018

Art Expo: New York City, United States
Location:  Pier 94, New York City
Dates:  April 19, 2018 through April 22, 2018

Solo Exhibition —  AL Tribeca Productions: New York City, United States
Location:  Tribeca House, New York City
Date:  February 1, 2018

Solo Exhibition —  ChaShaMa: New York City, United States
Location:  Madison Avenue, New York City
Dates:  December 20, 2017 through January 3, 2018

Burrison Gallery: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Location:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dates:  October 28, 2016 through November 10, 2016


Journeys is featured in this month’s issue of the American Medical Association Journal of Medical Ethics — 









“Beauty itself is but the sensible image of the Infinite” mused Sir Francis Bacon. New York based Madeleine Schachter's multimedia art follows in this emotional emphasis through its demure palette and explosive motion. Exploring theamorphous concept of form, Ms. Schachter’s multimedia paintings blend sharp focus and obscured detail in order to create a depth of field that tricks and pleases the eye, allowing the viewer to form a deep, spiritual connection with the vast and seemingly endless space depicted within. Comprised of a delicate, subdued palette imbued with glints of gilded tones, Ms.Schachter’s compositions imply movement, precision, and utmost beauty, as her minimalist compositions explore both the artistic and philosophical journey to finding and understanding the light.

Madeleine Schachter’s oeuvre takes viewers on a visual odyssey between dream and reality, offering just enough evershifting detail to blur the lines of how each obfuscated image is experienced. This beautifully executed and lovingly rendered style creates a realm unto itself that transcends expectation, seemingly changing at every second glance to create something wholly new to experience and enjoy. These expressive, abstract portals to her surroundings reflect the powerful foundations of emotion expressed through a saturated color palette and dynamic brushwork. Imbued with glints of gilded tones, each of Ms. Schachter’s pieces implies movement, infused with buoyancy and sensation that diverges from a language ofpragmatism and precision. Suggesting abstraction, the viewer is endowed with prospect and possibility, entrusting that implication will arouse contemplation to enable unique flights into self-reflection and sentiment.

Working in unexpected and innovative mixed media, including pastels, watercolors, acrylics, metal leaf, and glass crystals, and mascara, Ms. Schachter’s paintings command presence through their texture. Through texture, her paintings elicit response, focusing on the extensive relationships between line, form, color and texture as her non-objective canvases symbolize the dynamic and exciting ways one can experience a visceral response. By layering splatters, drips or even flinging specks of paint onto the canvas, texture expands the two-dimensional canvas and enters the space of the audience. For Madeleine Schachter the spatial existences of her canvases are composed through her dynamic style that burgeons through an interplay of light and dark, boldness and softness. Appearing minimalistic in style, her deceptively complex compositions are comprised of atmospheric hues infused with geometry and gesture that incorporate elements of both the feminine and the masculine.

There is an incandescent quality to the body of Madeleine Schachter’s work, an almost ethereal glow that resonates from the center outward. Her indomitable talent translates into something truly extraordinary. Internationally acclaimed, this renowned global artist has exhibited in China, Italy, and France, as well as across the United States with works in private collections throughout New York City, New York State, and California. An advocate and philanthropist, Ms. Schachter collaborates with ASTEP, New York Cares, and Art of Hope to use art to empower and engage people in transitional housing, survivors of domestic violence, refugees, and children with autism spectrum disorders. In addition to her work as an artist,

Madeleine Schachter is Assistant Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine, where she teaches Medical Ethics and Advanced Clinical Ethics, a member of the Ethics Committee of New York Presbyterian Hospital, and a lecturer in Bioethics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Previously, she practiced law for 30 years, most recently as Partner/Global Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at the international law firm Baker & McKenzie, where she worked exclusively on global pro bono and community service, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability matters with the firm’s 4000 lawyers based in more than 40 countries.

531 West 25th Street- Ground Floor-Chelsea

New York, NY 10001

Phone: 212-255-9050 Fax: 212-255-9020

www.amsterdamwhitneygallery.com AmsterdamWhitney@aol.com




We are honored and delighted to announce an updated schedule of events by our treasured artist Madeleine Schachter. American painter Madeleine Schachter is a multifaceted artist known for her dramatic and ambitious expressionist works. Schachter’s work excels through her subtle reinterpretation of art historical and contemporary cultural references.  Using a fresh and modern palette, the artist investigates highly complex subjectivity. Her work explores the mechanics of humanity: from sociological issues, and the human condition to inspirational narrative that provides a much-needed hopeful perspective so rare in contemporary art, with paintings that are simultaneously lyrical and mysterious, jubilant yet pensive. Employing these paradoxes, she skillfully applies linear movement, shape and pattern, creating unique arrangements that elicit a vocabulary of nuance. A brilliant colorist with a penchant for vibrant shades of rose, emerald and azure, she stands as an art enigma  - an abstract expressionist artist whose subject matter is anything but abstract. Schachter is an artist who inhabits the discreet space of the in-between, where her visions, (sometimes monolithic, sometimes intimate) always speak directly to the viewer. 

Art Productions is pleased to announce several amazing opportunities to see this rare talent. Please note the exciting new schedule of events for the artist. From her exhibitions in Marbella, Paris, Shanghai, London, New York, and Miami this year, to next year’s exhibitions in Bologna and multiple NYC shows and fairs, Schachter is a force to be reckoned with! The most exciting developments will appear at the newly scheduled Collectors Collection Group Exhibition, originally scheduled for November 2018, which will now be held in conjunction with the Armory Art Fairs Week 2019, during the most important and influential week of the art calendar. Madeleine Schachter’s latest works will be presented at the exhibition which showcases the artist’s next exciting visual chapter.

Along with her thrilling exhibition developments, Schachter’s paintings continue to evolve! While her works have always had the swirling energy of many great Neo-expressionist art, her latest pieces also suggest something quite different: the murmuring of numerous voices beneath each layer. The artist’s work has evolved to its current dynamic vocabulary. She courageously goes beyond the given and familiar, pioneering new techniques, approaches and ideas in order to expand her own vision, and that of the viewer.  Informed by her own accomplished academic and legal backgrounds, she is an internationally collected, published and exhibited artist. 

Madeleine Schachter has established herself firmly as a generous creative talent who not only shares her gifts freely but is also known for her philanthropic and humanitarian work. Art Productions is proud to represent this emerging cultural asset to the contemporary culture and history of American art. Indeed, her creativity is a never-ending process of back and forth that involves a give and take between expression and interpretation. It is her generosity as an artist and as an individual that proves Madeleine Schachter recognizes the power of visual form and its ability to connect with both individuals and cultures. 




P: 646 598-7369 F: 646 304 9042


The Kristal Hart Show
Date: March 5, 2019
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Einstein’s Art and Literary Magazine, 16th edition
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Weill Cornell Medical College's Journal of the Humanities, volume IV
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